Greetings from Shriram Shikshan Sanstha

“We sow a seed, we reap a harvest;
we sow an idea, we reap an institution.”

   Education is making students aware of the infinite potential within and bringing it up so that the result is transformation of personalities. Education should bring students out of their comfort zone and challenge them to reach out for their best of abilities. In the era of the 21st Century, where we deal with knowledge workers and have students who are flooded with information from all sides, the role of a teacher becomes all the more vital. Teachers in this era have to be, by the side of the students, help them to distinguish between the right and wrong knowledge, motivate them to find their potential, find themselves as they grapple with challenges and connect them with their inner conscience so that they adhere to the right values and principles and emerge not just as success in the world but significant beings who have touched lives around and made the world a better place.
    At Shriram Shikshan Sanstha, you will find the right environment, right facilities, right academics, teachers and experts who will engage your ward into constructive learning activities that will bring out and nurture the leaders in him/her. We are committed to give the best of all essentials in the field of academics, so that we see the motto coming true in the lives of our students and we rest assured that somewhere, some soul has breathed better because of Shriram Shikshan Sanstha.

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