To open all the portals of prosperity and stability to the learners by achieving complete development of society with good morals and values, Honorable Shri. Shamrao Patil started Shriram Education Society in 1991 at Paniv, Tal-Malshiras, Dist- Solapur. Increasing demands of society & self-employment opportunities, besides many other factors are responsible to force the founder of Shriram Shikshan Sanstha to begin humbly in the area of education. He believed that education alone could correct the social ills such as caste-hierarchy, money-lending, illiteracy, untouchability, superstitions and social and economic inequality. Shriram Shikshan Sanstha offers education in the various fields such as School, Secondary school, High school, Junior college, Engineering & Pharmacy.

The new breed of skilled human resources is instrumental in generating new technologies, and in its assessment, refinement & finally its dissemination to the farming community. Also in order to sustain, diversify and realize the potential of agriculture sectors, it is necessary to develop skilled human resources. With these objectives in mind, Shriram Shikshan Sanstha has started education in the field of Agricultural Engineering from the academic year 2014-15 with intake capacity of forty.

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