The Department of Extension Education imparting teaching in Extension Education to under graduate students. Undertaking strategic and action research, location and commodity specific. Acquaint the students with practical knowledge for conducting trainings and various kinds of demonstrations at farmer’s field. The Department is mainly involved in teaching, research and extension education. It offers technical and logistic support for the agriculture and allied extension activities conducted at the University level. The main aim of the department is further the advancement of learning and research in agriculture and allied sciences.

  • To impart teaching and training in Agriculture Extension with a view to produce professionals at various levels in central, state government public sector undertaking and commercial agencies and corporate sector.

  • To undertake research in Agricultural extension for promoting growth of knowledge in the discipline, contributing to the formulation of social policies and strengthening development administration.

  • To organize training programmers, group meetings, symposium, seminars, farmers meet, farmer’s rallies, demonstrations, campaign for the benefit of farmer, extension workers, administrators and other clientele groups in the local area.

  • To co-ordinate various extension activities with the other departments /faculties to achieve targeted objective and goals.

Extension Education

Extension Education section was established in year 2015 in Shriram College of Horticulture, Paniv to coordinate and strengthen teaching, research and extension activities in agricultural extension.

  • To teach the different subjects of extension education to undergraduate students.

  • To disseminate the innovations in agriculture to the farmer of nearby are as through the extension block by using different methodologies like meetings, symposium, farm visits, exhibitions, literature etc.

Sr.No Semester Course No. Course Title Credits
1 I H/EXTN-111 Fundamentals of Extension Education 2(1+1)
2 II H/EXTN-122 Agricultural Communication and Journalism 1(0+1)
3 VI H/EXTN-363 Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills 2(1+1)

Sr.No Semester Course No. Course Title Credits
1 I H/DEG-111 Democracy, Elections and Good Governance (NC)* 1(1+0)
2 III H/EXTN-231 Fundamentals of Extension Education 2(1+1)
3 V H/EXTN-352 Communication Skills and Personality Development 2(1+1)
4 VI H/EXTN-363 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management 2(1+1)
5 V H/AROMED-241 Medicinal and Aromatic Crops 2+1=3

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