Agricultural Entomology

The Courses under department of Agril. Entomology has beginning in 2015 under Shriram College of Horticulture, Paniv, Affiliated to Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri. Presently Prof. D. A. Dhere is headed this department


- To give practical oriented education in Plant Protection and related aspects to students.

- To create interest in research activities of Pest management in students.

-To transfer the knowledge of different newer pest management techniques in rural area.


- Performing small unit of Apiculture for study.

- Visit to farmers fields to gain and give Plant protection knowledge.

- Conducted sugarcane white grub management campaign in college field and Monitoring of pests on different       Vegetable and Fruit crops.

Courses Offered:

Department of Fruit offer following Courses to B.Sc Horticulture students in the college.

Sr.No Sem. Course No. Course Title Credits
1 II H/ENTO-121 Fundamentals of Entomology 2+1=3
2 III H/ENTO-232 Insect Pests of Vegetable, Ornamental and Spice Crops 2+1=3
3 IV H/ENTO-243 Insect Pests of Fruit, Plantation, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops 2+1=3
4 V H/ENTO-354 Apiculture, Sericulture and Lac Culture 1+1=2
5 VI H/ENTO-365 Nematode Pests of Horticultural Crops and their management 1+1=2


- The entomology section is actively involved in transferring the improved technology to farmers.


- The laboratory of the Entomology are well equipped and other instruments where practical and lectures of UG students are being conducted.


- Development of Biocontrol Lab.


Entomology Department Equipment’s:

Sr.No Perticulars Details Quantity
1 Microscopes for dissection 10 X Lens 20
2 Dissection Trays with Wax 30×20 cm 20
3 Dissection Box - 5
4 Plastic Bowls - 20
5 Plastic Trays 1 ½’ x 1’ 4
6 Wash Bottles 500ml 20
7 Insect Showcases with Glass top-(Insects with different mouth parts,
Antennae, legs, wings, wing venation, etc)
1 ½’ x 1 ft.
2 ½’ x 1 ½’ ft.
8 Insect Collection Nets - 12
9 Insect Killing Bottles - 05
10 Insect Setting Boards - 20

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