Vegetable Science (Horticulture)

Horticulture is the most distinct branch of Agricultural Sciences which includes cultivation of fruit; vegetables, Flowers, Spices and condiments, Aromatics medicinal and Plantation crops and Post-harvest management and value addition of horticulture produce.

Vegetable Science department is the major part in Shriram College of Horticulture Paniv. Ever since its establishment, the Department has provided inspiring leadership in the overall development of horticultural technologies. This department is actively engaged in the teaching, research and extension education activities on various aspects related to orchard planning, management and production of fruit crops in the State. This department is actively participating in various activities and raising the interest of students in the field by their active participation in various programs, workshop carried by this departments

Courses Offered:

Department of Vegetable Science offer following Courses to B.Sc Horticulture students in the college.

Sr.No Semister Course Title Credits
1 II Potato and Tuber Crops 1+1=2
2 III Tropical and Subtropical Vegetable crops 2+1=3
3 III Spices and Condiments 2+1=3
4 IV Precision Farming and Protected Cultivation 2+1=3
5 IV Temperate Vegetable crops 1+1=2
6 IV Breeding of Vegetable Tuber and Spice Crops 2+1=3
7 IV Seed Production of Vegetable Tuber and Spice Crops 2+1=3


- The horticulture section is actively involved in transferring the improved technology to farmers, different growers’ associations and processes.

- Celebration of Coconut day at Shriram college of horticulture on 2nd September 2018

- Technical guidelines for development of fruit orchard, and different gardens and landscaping.


- Development of Full fledged horticulture nursery.

- Well established mother orchard of selected varieties of fruit crops.

- Different types of landscape gardens.

- Greenhouse and polyhouse structures for production of nursery plants and cultivation of flowers.

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