Horticultural commodities are being rich in vitamins and minerals, known as protective foods. Due to their high nutritive valve, ready availability, and being inexpensive they make significantly contributes to human well-being. Horticultural commodities are highly perishable in nature thus there may be a glut of fruits and vegetables in the market during the peak harvest season. These crops undergo a rapid transformation between the harvest and consumption which results spoilage and reduces market value. The spoilage has been estimated to be nearly 30-40 per cent in most of the produce which account for more than 33,920 crores of rupees every year. This is not only a loss to the growers but a net loss of huge human nutrition and wastage of inputs involved. These losses can be minimized to a considerable surplus with timely and safe management of post harvest produce. The postharvest management of fruits and vegetables includes pre and post marketing, etc. Since fruits and vegetables contain a very high percentage of their fresh weight as water. Consequently, fruit exhibit relatively high metabolic activity when compared to other plant derived foods such as seeds.
      This metabolic activity continues post harvest and thus makes most fruits highly perishable commodities. This perishability, with its inherent short shelf life, that presents the greatest problem to the successful transportation and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, enhancement of their shelf life would be of great help in reducing postharvest losses, avoiding gluts in the peak season and avoiding distress sale. This would also help in ensuring more availability of fruits and vegetables without bringing additional land into production and fetching higher economic returns to the farmers.
The advantages of post harvest management are as under:

1 Availability of fresh commodities for longer durations.
2 Better returns to the growers
3 Increase production without bring any additional land into cultivation
4 Availability of commodities to the consumers at low price
5 Better nutrition to the consumers

Sr.No Sem. Course No. Course Title Credits
1 III H/PHT-231 Course title- Fundamentals of Food technology 1+1=2
2 IV H/PHT-362 Course title:Post-harvest Management of Horticulture Crops 2+1=3
3 VI H/PHT-363 Course title:- Processing of Horticultural Crops 1+2=3
4 VIII H/HORT EL-484 Post Harvest Handeling and Value Addition 0+20=20

Sr.No Title Location Link
1 Bonsai Workshop Paniv
2 Technology in Agro Field Paniv
3 Educational Visit Pune
4 Educational Visit Mahabaleshwar
5 Food Processing training Paniv
6 Fruits & Vegetable Processing training Paniv
7 Entrance Exam Guidance Center Paniv
8 Personality Development Workshop Paniv
9 Global Library Day Paniv
10 Global Coconut Day Paniv
11 Achivement of Student Phaltan
12 Kabaddi Compilation Paniv    
13 Educational Visit Nasik
14 Cultural Event Paniv
15 Agro Tech Expo Paniv

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